10 Urban Qualities Every City Should Have

I came across this article today on the Sustainable Cities Collective site. In it, the author Chuck Wolfe discusses his theory−honed while travelling the world, and the basis of a book he is working on−of what every city must have to be. . .what? A happy place? An interesting place?

A place to sustain the soul? The imagination?

Well, you decide. Whatever that ethereal quality is that makes “space into place”, Mr. Wolfe has made some interesting observations on it in 10 Urban Qualities Every City Should Have.

I particularly like his comments on wood framed storefronts being more inviting. I couldn’t agree more. He discusses nine more qualities, accompanied by interesting pictorial commentary, and it is well worth your while to check out all ten of his urban qualities.

Here are his top ten in order of appearance:

  • Spontaneous competition in simple places
  • Signage with a direct message
  • Wood-framed storefronts and proud displays
  • Water features that emulate nature, in context
  • Classy blokes in front of classy places (another one of my favourites)
  • Commercial porches, with color and vantage points to the street
  • Spectacular examples of shopping tradition
  • Young children in open squares
  • Culturally indigenous engravings in the built environment
  • Merger of family and business in fundamental ways

I think each of these ten points could make for an interesting article in itself. Visit 10 Urban Qualities Every City Should Have to view his photos and read his comments.

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  1. Chuck Wolfe January 29, 2013 at 11:06 AM

    Thanks for doing this–important to note that this is not a “Top 10” prescriptive list, but a summary of some qualities along the way…

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