The brightest idea you can have this March 31st is to turn your light bulbs off for Earth Hour.

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Have you made plans for Earth Hour yet?

This Saturday, March 31st is the big day when people all over the world will switch off their lights and electricity from 8:30pm-9:30pm to show their solidarity against climate change.

Of course, Smallworks is on board to participate. It’s a great way to see how much you can do with less.

Like switching over to a small laneway house paves the way for conserving energy, resources, and space, doing without power for one less hour is a great first step toward sustainable housing practices.

While you can do something as simple turning off your lights for the hour to show your support, you can make Earth Hour a lot more interesting if you put some thought into your planning.

Here are 5 ideas for a more meaningful and fun Earth Hour:

  1. Go for a walk and see what your neighbours have turned off. See how many of them have become part of the movement this year.
  2. Throw a fondue dinner party with your friends and/or family. You’ll see it’s possible to put together a great meal with no electricity required.
  3. Throw an indoor marshmallow roast (use shish-kebab skewers, mini-marshmallows, and a tea light). It’s another fun way to show that you don’t always need electricity to enjoy a hot treat.
  4. Look for stars in the darker night sky. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of our city unspoiled by light pollution, and take pleasure in simplicity.
  5. Have a family hour and use it to sit in the dark and share stories, play board games or charades, and have fun together. Technology has made it so convenient for us to communicate with others from a distance that our face-to-face, real-time connections have fallen. Take the time to connect with your roots and reinforce your relationships. One of the great things about laneway housing is its potential for keeping your family together and fostering multi-generational living.

And don’t think that the fun has to stop when 9:30pm arrives. Leave your lights off and keep the celebrations going on well into the night, or schedule a “power hour” every week or month. Smallworks makes a point of not only creating affordable Vancouver housing options with every laneway house we build, but also incorporating sustainability into everything we do.

Use Earth Hour to up your green thinking too.

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