Apartment Sofa Advantages

Fitting a couch, sofa or chesterfield into a limited space is a conundrum that plagues many who live in smaller homes. Here are a few ideas re-blogged from a series of posts entitled Adventures of a Small Home on the Casa Diseno web site.

Read the full article at Adventures of a Small Home: The Advantages of Apartment Sofas – Casa Diseno LLC.

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  1. Christina Brewton January 9, 2017 at 10:21 PM

    Designing a custom sofa for your living room sounds like a way to really get everything you would like out of your couch. That is awesome that you can select everything from the design to the fabric that is used. Comfort level for myself, I would say is something that I would consider most important in getting a custom sofa

    Thanks for sharing your post.

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