Built-Ins: Gotta’ love ’em!

A cozy window seat in a Smallworks' laneway house.

A cozy window seat in a Smallworks’ laneway house.

When you go to a restaurant that has them, do you head straight to a booth first? A cozy corner. An enclosed space.

Since seeing my first authentic breakfast nook in a  true arts and crafts home, I have been in love with built-ins. They produce a sense of comfort and well-being.

Sanctuary is one of the basic joys of small spaces. A coziness and human scale that brings us back to reading by flashlight under the bedsheets or building “forts” in the bush. And so, too, for me, do all the odd cubbyholes and spaces often found in quirky older houses.

But in a modern, minimalist decor, as well as making us feel cozy, built-ins also serve the very practical purposes of making the best use of limited space and of keeping clutter under control. Below are more examples of Smallworks’ built-ins assembled on our Pinterest accountClick on each image to view separately or see the whole Pinterest board here.

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