Help Me De-Clutter! What is My Love-of-Stuff Really About?

We've all seen them — television shows dedicated to exposing the horror of hording, uncovering out-of-control "crazies" whose apparent love-of-stuff has reached the tipping point. But these exposés rarely delve into the why's of this behaviour, the psychology behind the desire or need to accumulate material possessions beyond what most of us would consider a "normal" level of comfort and security.

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Built-Ins: Gotta’ love ’em!

Sanctuary is one of the basic joys of small spaces. A coziness and human scale that brings us back to reading by flashlight under the bedsheets or building "forts" in the bush. And so, too, for me, do all the odd cubbyholes and spaces often found in quirky older houses. But in a modern, minimalist decor, as well as making us feel cozy, built-ins also serve the very practical purposes of making the best use of limited space and of keeping clutter under control.

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