Make Your Small Living Room Work

"Making a small living room work is all about choosing a focus and arranging the right furniture in the right configuration." - Samantha Schoech for Houzz

Adding to our last post about apartment sofa advantages for small spaces, here are 11 ideas from one of my favourite online design sites, Houzz, on how to create a cozy living area within the 100 square feet or so that a small abode affords.

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An Amazing Small Space!

Watch this video by SpacesTV! An amazingly designed small apartment under 500 sq. feet, re-imagined by Michael Pozner, former Head of Retail for American Apparel, and his architect Darrick Borowski, from Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture ( httpv:// Check out more Small Spaces Big Design ideas on SpacesTV!

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Living in a laneway house doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort.  However, it does mean that you should use space efficiently and make smart choices about design and furniture.  If you furnish with the right space-saving pieces, a small laneway house can be as enjoyable to live in as a McMansion.  Scratch that - probably more enjoyable. We’ve all seen unwieldy Murphy beds and awkward extendable dining tables but the variety of multifunctional furniture that is now available - as well as the sophistication of their construction - has taken a big leap ahead in quality.  We’ve picked out some of our favourite furniture pieces that save space, work for multiple purposes, and look chic to boot. MDF ITALIA BOX These handy storage cubicles have a modular construction which can be stacked in multiple configurations.  Cram your vintage CD collection into a short version or choose a larger set to organize all your folders, binders, and art books.  Mount it on castors to roll it around or plunk it on a swivel base for a cool rotating shelf.  Configurations range from $1300-3800 at LivingSpace Image from MALM BED WITH HEADBOARD / SHELF If you’re looking for [...]

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