“How can we help our clients save more energy at home?” is a question we at Smallworks continue to ask ourselves with every home we build. Affordable Vancouver housing means taking into account all related costs, including electricity and heating bills. We’ve already shared with you some tips on saving energy and ideas for energy saving products to consider installing. Now we want to give you some easy habits for saving electricity that will take you just seconds to do. Here are 5 easy ways to save energy at home: 1. Switch off the things you aren’t using and turn them back on only when you need them. It used to be the case that turning an appliance or light off and on all the time shortened its potential lifespan, but technology has advanced so much that lights, appliances, and gadgets can be turned off whenever they are not needed and turned back on when they are, without any risk of damaging them. Leaving something on for more than a brief period of time uses more energy than shutting it off and turning it back on when you need it, so shutting things off is a great strategy [...]

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Here at Smallworks, we don’t just talk about sustainability – we believe in it, and incorporate it into everything we do. It’s why we recently signed up with car2go, a smart car sharing service in Vancouver. In the same way that our laneway houses offer sustainable solutions to affordable housing in Vancouver, car2go’s compact vehicles offer a smart, energy-efficient way to limit your ecological footprint while still letting you drive to where you need to get to in the city. We love their “use it any time, park it anywhere policy” for its simplicity. How it works is, you use your smart phone to locate a free vehicle in your area, activate it with your membership card, get in and drive it where you want to go for as long as you want, and then park it anywhere in the car2go vicinity when you are done. It’s a great way to ensure that you don’t have to drive any more than you need to, and pay only for the time you use. As Smallworks owner Jake Fry reveals, “We found car2go to be an extremely efficient and cost effective system. We often need to get around town and [...]

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