Scarlet in the Heart of Dunbar

It’s a perfect match! This 640 sq. ft. Dunbar laneway house is a dead ringer for the property’s beautiful main dwelling and is the perfect space for a single young professional or a couple. The interior design of this lane house focuses on finishes that evoke a classic West Coast feel with a unique aquamarine acid stained concrete floor in the main living area and plenty of vertical grain fir throughout, including the kitchen which also features energy star appliances and a “denim” paperstone countertop of 100% recycled paper.

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Our Newest Laneway House Design – “Invisible Density” via the Glass Brick House

Built with insulated Japanese-designed glass brick, this laneway house offers both privacy and plenty of natural, ambient light. Its simple and elegant split-level design provides a living area with 14-foot ceilings by recessing the main part of the home into the site while the bedroom is three steps higher, creating a mezzanine at ground level. The under-floor cavities of the split-level also provide additional built-in storage space.

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We’ve Come a Long Way Since the “Frankfurt Kitchen”

In Germany in 1926, an award winning Austrian architect named Margarete Lihotzky was commissioned to help solve the housing crisis in post war Germany. Using many of the best-use-of-space and work efficiency principles popularized by American Christine Frederick, who herself had studied Frederick Taylor's industrial time and motion experiments, Lihotsky went on to design the world's first mass produced fitted kitchen, meeting the demands of a mass housing project in Frankfurt fired by a utopian vision but limited by tiny floor plans and tight budgets.

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