If Santa is leaving a huge ecological footprint along with the toys each year, it might be time to look at some eco-friendly options for the laneway house or any other small home.  Here are our best tips for greening your Christmas this season:

Christmas tree

Rent an Evergrow Christmas Tree from $135. Image from

1) Rent a tree. You usually have several options for your Christmas tree choices – the live cut tree which gets recycled, the fake tree which is used over and over again, and the potted tree which is planted outside after the season’s over.  Now, a fourth possibility is renting a small tree from a place like Evergrow Christmas Trees.  Order the tree online, they deliver, then pick it up and take care of it until next year.

Red tinsel LED Christmas lights

$9.99 Indoor LED Globe Red Tinsel Lights. Image from

2) Hang up LED lights. Energy efficient LED lights are 90% more efficient that incandescent bulbs.  We especially like these red tinsel globes for $9.99 at Canadian Tire.  Environmentally friendly and festive.

Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments. Image from

3) Make your Christmas decorations.  Sure you can buy holiday baubles shipped in from overseas.  Or you can handmake your own ornaments with a personalized and rustic feel.  Here’s our favourite salt dough recipe for colourful and durable ornaments.

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And don’t forget about our own handmade holiday decoration which we’re giving away this week.  Enter to win our gingerbread laneway house crafted by Kreation Artisan Cakes at our Facebook page by Thursday December 15.  A stunning and tasty treat for your eco-friendly holiday home.

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