Elegant, Understated, Classically Finished: Pitch Perfect

This is a very special home. Built on a corner lot, with adjacent access to the sidewalk, this home occupies its own environment. Its a great example of how independent a laneway house can feel from the existing residence. The understated colour scheme has a classic vibe that will keep the house looking fresh for a long time to come. At Smallworks, we’re all a little crazy for paperstone countertops, seen in both the kitchen and bathroom in this home. As this material ages it will gain a beautiful patina that perfectly illustrates our favourite rule of thumb: cheap things break, quality goods last long enough to tell a story.

Another feature we love about this home is the farmhouse sink. It adds so much charm and comfort to the room. If the kitchen is the heart of your home, then the kitchen sink must be the soul! Next up is The Juliet Balcony — a calming place to take in the evening view or a morning coffee, and it adds ambiance to the lane as well – making it feel more like a neighbourhood than an alley.

These features and more make this charming house a welcome addition to not only the property – but to the community as a whole.

Take in the view through the images below!




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