Good Grief, Mid Century Modern!

This is the first in a series of posts I hope to be able to reliably categorise as “Gem of the Week: Stuff Only Remotely Related to Living Small & Urban”.

However, what I may or may not find out there in the big, wide world of living small, and/or living urban modern, that interests me (and you, of course), might well cause these gems to be re-categorised as “Gem of the Month”, but enough.

Here’s this week’s. . .

Before I recount how much Vancouver is going to miss this, let me say it again (just because I love to): Good Grief! And before I go on, I want to indulge in my favourite Peanuts moment.

Picture this: Snoopy atop his iconic dog house, contemplating the opening of his new novel, thought bubble hovering. “Call me Ishmael.” 

Still makes me laugh decades later.

I know. I know. It has nothing to do with Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts and the Mid Century Modern aesthetic (which is what I am getting around to telling you about) but it’s my reminiscence (more on the value of reminiscence later) and I’m broadcasting it here.

Image courtesy of the Schulz Museum, Santa Rosa, California

Image courtesy of the Schulz Museum, Santa Rosa, California

So, what does Charles M. Schulz and Peanuts have to do with Mid Century Modern?

Plenty, it seems.

Enough to mount a special exhibit, gleaned from the larger collection at the Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CaliforniaYou can get a taste of the iconic mid century modern furniture pieces that appeared in the Peanuts comic strip by visiting the exhibit online.

As for a face-to-face with Charlie and the gang in their mid century modern hangouts, if you can’t get to the exhibit in Santa Rosa, (there are no traveling international exhibits, I checked) you are out of luck.

Good Grief, Charlie Brown!

Thanks to Dwell for bringing this treat to my attention. And thanks to the new exhibition, Mid-Century Modern, on view until October 27 at the Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, California for making it possible.

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