Living in a laneway house doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort.  However, it does mean that you should use space efficiently and make smart choices about design and furniture.  If you furnish with the right space-saving pieces, a small laneway house can be as enjoyable to live in as a McMansion.  Scratch that – probably more enjoyable.

We’ve all seen unwieldy Murphy beds and awkward extendable dining tables but the variety of multifunctional furniture that is now available – as well as the sophistication of their construction – has taken a big leap ahead in quality.  We’ve picked out some of our favourite furniture pieces that save space, work for multiple purposes, and look chic to boot.

MDF Italia Box

These handy storage cubicles have a modular construction which can be stacked in multiple configurations.  Cram your vintage CD collection into a short version or choose a larger set to organize all your folders, binders, and art books.  Mount it on castors to roll it around or plunk it on a swivel base for a cool rotating shelf.  Configurations range from $1300-3800 at LivingSpace

Ikea Malm bed

Image from mocoloco.com

If you’re looking for a clever, space-saving bed on a budget, Ikea has the Malm which features hidden slide-out shelving.  No need to stumble around the room for your bedtime reading, just reach over and select a book from the shelf built right into the headboard.  Queen bed and headboard shelf together for$468 at Ikea.

Cubista ottoman

A life-saver for impromptu parties, this nifty ottoman disassembles into seating for five.  Each side of the padded cube transforms into a seat for one of the five metal frames nested inside the cube.  $1215 from Resource Furniture

Goliath table

This long table can comfortably accommodate a banquet for 10.  But after the dinner guests are gone, whisk away the table leaves and a light push on one side collapses the piece into just 17 inches.  In its narrowest state, it’s perfect as a small sideboard or a console table.  Watch this very cool video that demonstrates the ingenious design of the Goliath Table.  $3530 from Resource Furniture.

Which furniture piece is your favourite?
Living Space
1706 West 1st Ave (at Pine)
Vancouver BC, Canada
telephone: 604 683 1116 

various addresses – check their website at www.ikea.ca 

Resource Furniture
235-332 Water Street
Vancouver BC, Canada V6B 1B6
telephone: 604 681 0104 


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  1. Donna Kay Hanlon November 17, 2014 at 10:41 AM

    Where can I get this furniture in Canada? Will you release prices

  2. Adam February 15, 2014 at 7:23 PM

    Pretty cool stuff, http://www.murphysofa.com has some very cool space saving wall beds and transforming tables, also more competitive pricing than Resource.

  3. Carolyn B February 2, 2012 at 2:02 AM

    Like the Ikea Malm headboard best. It’s the most affordable of the pieces shown here. I hadn’t run across the sliding headboard yet. That’s a great idea for saving space. I do love everything about Resource Furniture but the prices. Still too rich for me. Thanks for a very informative blog.

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