Help Me De-Clutter! What is My Love-of-Stuff Really About?

We've all seen them — television shows dedicated to exposing the horror of hording, uncovering out-of-control "crazies" whose apparent love-of-stuff has reached the tipping point. But these exposés rarely delve into the why's of this behaviour, the psychology behind the desire or need to accumulate material possessions beyond what most of us would consider a "normal" level of comfort and security.

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A Little Danish Modern with Your Lane House?

Update: Smallworks partners with BoConcept Vancouver to bring premium quality Danish modern furniture to our clients at a significant discount. What better way to furnish your new laneway house! Smallworks has chosen specific pieces from the distinctive and tasteful aesthetic of BoConcept's urban Danish design, elegant offerings that complement our new 2.0 Laneway House Designs. Multi-functional, suitable for smaller spaces, and pre-selected to compliment the house plan of your choice, it's a win-win for you and your new laneway home.

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