North Vancouver Coach House

Another first for Smallworks! Our first infill house in North Vancouver. his two story coach home carries all the hallmarks of a well-designed small home: a preponderance of well-placed windows and doors for both light infiltration and privacy, lofted ceilings, an ample living-dining area with a cozy fireplace focus, a beautiful and efficient U-shaped kitchen, a large loft bedroom with plenty of storage and custom cabinetry and trim throughout.

10 Urban Qualities Every City Should Have

I came across this article today on the Sustainable Cities Collective site. In it, the author Chuck Wolfe discusses his theory−honed while travelling the world, and the basis of a book he is working on−of what every city must have to be. . .what? A happy place? An interesting place? A place to sustain the soul? The imagination? Well, you decide. Whatever that ethereal quality is that makes "space into place", Mr. Wolfe has made some interesting observations on it in 10 Urban Qualities Every City Should Have.

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Make Your Small Living Room Work

"Making a small living room work is all about choosing a focus and arranging the right furniture in the right configuration." - Samantha Schoech for Houzz

Adding to our last post about apartment sofa advantages for small spaces, here are 11 ideas from one of my favourite online design sites, Houzz, on how to create a cozy living area within the 100 square feet or so that a small abode affords.

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