Image from: Idea go If you’re not living in an energy-efficient laneway house during this chilly season, now is the time to think about keeping those blustery storms and drafts out.  Both B.C. and Canada run rebate programs for making your home more efficient, and with the federal eco-Energy grants running out March 31, you will want to get started now.  Yes, you can benefit from BOTH the provincial AND the federal programs as long as you meet the eligibility critieria for both. So here’s a run-down on what to do and how to apply for efficiency upgrade incentives: B.C. - Live Smart BC get up to $7000 in rebates get $150 off initial energy assessment which usually costs $350. Here’s what to do: 1.  Hire a certified energy advisor to make a pre-retrofit energy assessment to your home. 2.  Make your energy-efficiency improvements to the home 3.  The advisor will then make a post-retrofit assessment and handle all the paperwork necessary.  Assessment must be completed by March 31, 2013. Canada - ecoEnergy Retrofit - Homes program Until March 31,  get grants up to $5000. Here’s what to do: 1. Register with Natural Resources Canada 2.  Hire a local service [...]

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