THE cappello LED LAMP BY molo

cappello LED lamp: Image courtesy of molo

The cappello LED lamp is one of the most unique energy-saving light fixtures that we’ve seen lately and exemplifies many of the qualities that we pursue in building laneway houses – small, beautiful, efficiently designed, aenvironment-friendly.

Created by local Vancouver design studio, molo, the cappello lamp comes with a slightly unusual story.  If you look closely at each lamp, the Carrara marble base comes scored with scratches which have been intentionally left intact.  The marble is a direct extraction from the iconic Arco floor lamp designed by Castiglioni – each Arco lamp has a hole drilled into the side of its base so a broomstick handle can skewer it and two people holding the broom can move the heavy block around the home.

Arco floor lamp: image courtesy of

The small marble cylinder created as a by-product of the process is then tranformed into the base for molo’s capello lamp. Note the hole in the marble block from which the base of the capello lamp is created.


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