gingerbread laneway house

Building materials are environmentally responsible, and delicious.

Smallworks is launching a Yuletide eco-density initiative with the Gingerbread Laneway House Contest on Facebook.  Just visit our Facebook page between now and December 15 and enter to win our sustainable, tasty dwelling – designed by Smallworks and constructed by fine dessert-makers, Kreation Artisan Cakes.  If you’re one of our existing fans, click on “Gingerbread Laneway House” on the left-hand menu to enter.

So what is Yuletide eco-density?  Who hasn’t decked out their dining table or sideboard during this season and wanted to fit in another miniature Christmas tree, shiny bauble, or even one more entire gingerbread house?  Smallworks has announced this increased density action for more efficient space use for your holiday table. Constructed to fit on a standard-size holiday decorating space zoned for single-family use, the Gingerbread Laneway House works as a stand-alone dwelling or an additional structure to the rear of your traditional Gingerbread House.  The gingerbread dwelling is also fully sustainable and eco-friendly, with net zero impact on anything aside from your holiday belly.

Enter to win the Smallworks Gingerbread Laneway House on Facebook.  Note: no occupants provided. Please find your own ginger-renters.

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